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Ticket-Gold for UBMCP 1,000xROI Event  - 2 Days


Bonus - (12.5M BMCPT)

- The Ticket is including an Airdrop of 12,500,000 BMCPT.

- BMCPT Tokens will be desposited, 24 hours after you open your dashboard.


5 Star Hotel / Resort

- This ticket is without Hotel / Resort accomandation, you must arrange this yourself.


Plans & Pricing

- Click to visit Plans & Pricing for comparising overview.



- 2 weeks before venue you receive Venue pass by email.



- Click to watch the video of the Event


Questions / Zoom Call - English

- If you have questions, Click to book a Zoom call - English


Executive Meetings

- In the Evening of the Event or the next morning you can book a meeting with our executives to finalize your Investment.


Information Set;

2 weeks prior to the event we send you;

- Executive Summary

- Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

- Dashboard Signup instructions

- 100xROI Guarantee

- IEO Guarantee

- Terms & Conditions

- KYC & AML Procedure

- Investment Application Form


Event Vouchers

2 weeks prior to the event we send you;

- Event Voucher

- Event program 

Paris-001-Gold - 2023-10-12 - VVIP

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